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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 21, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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wings. >>neil: gaffe up another two cents and the president of the united states will give his ... we cents. william, everyone, neil cavuto, four states, two days and it starts in 20 minutes, the first stop is boulder city, nevada, and then on to new mexico and oklahoma tomorrow, with an owl -- all of the above approach to energy. but with new gas prices hitting highs, new questions he is not doing enough but from drivers and oil producers blasting a stop in oklahoma to tout the support for part, only part, part of the keystone pipeline. and now, one of the energy producers, the president and the owner of an energy partners jones me right new. you are not a fan of the
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president coming to your neck of the woods and he says he is open to drilling the southern part of the keystone pipe line. so i don't think he understands why you are complaining. >>guest: we are not complaining about his new position on the pipeline. we would like to see the oil out of there so the idea is his expediting the southern leg of the pipeline, we are go with that. >>neil: how, here is what i don't understand. how can you be go with expediting part of the pipeline but you need to get the oil from canada and that part is not connected, so, you, i guess you have a pipeline to nowhere. >>guest: i don't own oil in canada or north dakota. my production is in oklahoma. i'm interested in getting my production to market to get the best price. this leg of the pipe lean is a good thing. we are not, oklahoma producers
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were upset when he decided not to do the whole project. we still are hopeful the whole project will get done and the reason we are saying, mr. president, this dog won't hunt has nothing to do with the peep line. >>neil: many of your colleagues in the industry have been saying whether we have operations in this neck of the woods or not this pipeline supposed to connect to canada. it is supposed to make it easier to get more oil. that is why i mentioned it. the president is trying to say, clearly, that with this we are on top of all options including drilling and i am open. you have your doubts. why? >>guest: this is a president who spent 3 1/2 years going around the country telling everyone, listen, oil is the fuel of the past. and now he wants to come to oklahoma in the heart of oil patch and stand in curbing, oklahoma, the largest storage of
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oil if the country and act like, you know, his administration has done something to increase domestic production. and, you know, it is a falsehood and, you know, high friends and my colleagues in the oil industry, the word i hear most often is "insulted." we in the oil and gas business are insulted by the insinuation this president is for the oil industry in america. >>neil: when he talks about taking away subsidies and benefits the oil industry has been using, that sort of thing, many americans who support that of the because it is kind of easy to vilify guys like you although you seem like a nice chap but it is popular to rip oil guys. does that bother you? >>guest: well, no. in this time in particular, no one likes to thing of subsidies. the fact of the matter is the tax proceedings that we are talking about if they go away will decrease drilling lie -- 35
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percent and then we decrease production and then we will decrease the amount of oil and decrease the amount of gasoline available, and you know what will happen to the price of gasoline? it will go up. so, you know, this is code for "higher gasoline prices." and the most disgusting part this as far as what we are doing tomorrow in oklahoma is the president is going to talk about he helped increase oil production, which is a fallacy, and it is exactly the opposite, frankly, but, also, the fact that this is code for higher gasoline prices which is what this administration has been all about sin the very beginning. the secretary chu said in 2008 and 2009 and he is now recanting under the glare of the prices but they have been all about higher gasoline prices so their agenda toward alternative fuels and renewable energy looks
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better and has more success. the american people need to know that, really, this is code for higher gasoline prices. >>neil: it is interesting because they do keep going higher. thank you, mickey. the president defends the policies and senators today introducing a bill to end the real reason for the rampant speculation in the energy market that they say is driving the gas prices higher than they should be. among those porting it is california democratic congressman. congressman, good to have you back. ex-always good to be with you. >>neil: so, this pulls in the speculators and you use the fell reserve study that says they accounted for 15 percent of the reason up we have seen in prices, over the years, right? >>guest: 40 to 70 percent of the price of gas is similar to
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the "gaming" of the system. >>neil: we they said 15 percent, i don't know where you factor 70 cents but worse case, if you buy 15 cents, the other 85 cents, what is the reason for that? >>guest: per dollar. per dollar. per dollar. >>neil: but if that is the factor, the most generous assumption is that, where is the rest of it coming from? what is accounting for the run up? >>guest: well, the run up has been occurring for decades. we have phone the rice of gas has been going up for some time and it is the rapid increase in the rice of gas that has everyone worried and we experienced this four or five years ago in 2008 with the rapid increase and we knew this was something other than supply or demand and clearly, today, the demand is lower than it was before and today the sly is greater than it was before and there are not long lines at the gas station of folks waiting to
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fill up. the last several weeks speculators have driven up the cost because of uncertainty with what is going on around the world. and opec is using this as a monopoly to control prices. is we know --. >>neil: you think -- they can trade up or down. you can short a stock, too, take a stock and make a wager that you think the price of the stock will go down, so, weapon they were making money if late 2007, the same people, gunning that the price of oil would go down and that is what was happening, i don't remember, maybe you did, but i don't remember you bemoaning that run down in price when the same speculators were gunning the direction become then. >>guest: you are asking a nonsense 8:00 question. do i mind if the price of gasoline goes down? absolutely not. >>neil, no, no, no, you knew
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what i was saying. you like it when it goes down and that is fine. but speculators chase moment up. wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, there are many c.e.o.'s would hate those who speculate against their stock and short the company stock and drive the price of the stock down and there are many who trade oil who resent when these gives come in and then gun the price down which happens a lot. that is not forgiving what they are doing, you can argue they gun on the way up and they "gun," on the way down so you complain of prices going up, as you should, but you are pointing the finger at the wrong guys. >>guest: i am not pointing the at producers or the consumers. i am pointing it at the folk on wall street who "game" the system who are jacking up the price and it is the consumers
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who pay. and the commission --. >>neil: but you don't mind when those prices go down, when the prices are going down, so, so, so, when congress had a problem with the stock meltdown, people would were driving with swap derivatives and the like, they were drive down the prices, that was going down, that was awful but the same types of traders are doing this to energy, that is preferred, right? >>guest: neil, if folks are "gaming" the system and causing our manufacturers or producers to go out of business because they are driving the prices irrationale low --. >>neil: i understand, but, congressman, it is the same type of people. are okay when they do it with oil. up or down. but you have a problem when they did it with stock as few years ago. you draw a distinction. >>guest: why want folks to
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"game," the system. >>neil: but that is what traders do. so when you argue that "gaming" the system --. >>guest: they playing with the system in ways that hurt the economic recovery. i care about that. >>neil: in a generous sense say they give you half the spike they have, is it fair to say you and congress are responsible for the other half of this by being opposed to drilling or dragging your feet in support of possible fuels and the i'm industry. do you take -- all i'm asking, assume that oil speculators are greety and nasty s.o.b.'s. >>guest: your words. >>neil: are you any less to blame for what is going on? >>guest: since president obama took off the fact is there are four times more rigs operating in the united states than when
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george bush was in office. we have more oil rigs digging, drilling for oil in the united states than every other country in the world combined. >>neil: but you realize that oil is down because we entered a long protracted recession sort of like me bragging about losing weight on a diet because the refrigerator was locked. wait a minute, you are arguing that energy or production is up in the face of a recession and that would always make it seem like it is up. >>guest: what i am saying is, the president is trying to do everything he can to use one of the energy sources we have, ". people are accusing him of not doing enough to extract the oil. he is drilling or having our industry drill more for oil than george bush did and we are drilling using more rigs --. >>neil: then why when he talks about wanting to open up, at most, another half a percent of
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available oil deposits we have, and he says you cannot do anything beyond 2 percent because that is what we have and he knows full well what the technologies could give us significantly more he takes that off the table. >>guest: it is not off the table the >>neil: how is that helping our energy equation? >>guest: the president has said we should take the "all the above," approach. >>neil: but he is not doing it. i talk to a guy i trust and knows more about oil than you. he is not doing it. >>guest: you are not letting me answer. >>neil: i have asked you four different ways. tell plea he is doing it. how and where. >>guest: okay. you want the answer? the president has pursued a policy that is all of the above approach, in terms of oil, today, the united states of america is, has fur times more oil rigs drilling for oil today than when george bush was if office and we have more oil rigs
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drilling than every other country in the world. come bishoped. we are doing that. we can go after the oil shale and natural gas --. >>neil: we had an oil guy on here who said the president lied and the oil drilling going on is a completion of permits granted from an extension away from the bush administration and when it comes to looking at new opportunities in new areas the president opposes it and keystone is only the latest example of that. he is in the oil industry. he said it ain't happening. >>guest: he should pursue, and everyone can agree we should pursue every policy that lets us take advantage of every source of energy we can and do it the most effective way. that is what the president is saying. >>neil: you are right, you are right, he is saying that. but he ain't doing it. >>guest: the facts don't agree but. >>neil: i have the facts right in front me.
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>>guest: that means you know the fact and there are more oil rigs drilling today in the world than any other place not world combined. >>neil: i thank you for coming on. all right, it's a grand old party but forget the politics now it is getting petty. [ male announcer ] chicken broccoli alfredo. mushroom smothered beef burgers. hearty chicken and noodle casserole. so easy, you just need campbell's cream of mushroom soup to make them and a hungry family to love them. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>>neil: and jeb bush saying the g.o.p. needs to unite. and now. this is from newt gingrich after the illinois results last night. to defeat president obama republicans can nominate a candidate would relies on outspend, opponents 7-1. or from san, using the term pathetic not once but twice to describe romney after saying he had called romney to congratulate him. it is going beyond politics and petty, the longer it is petty the more difficult it is to get
4:18 pm
these guys rallying around together. >>guest: it will be hard for santorum or newt gingrich to endorse romney if they choose to do it, it will be odd because as we have known in past campaigns, george h.w. bush spoke favorably of ronald reagan and it was not the pettiness and when the party agreed to a nomination they got on board and it was meaningful, not just lip service. and it will not be helpful to romney to have them standing with him after we have seen what has gone on. >>neil: i know they want to stay if the race and they could take umbrage at some saying it is time to go, and i wonder if they will leave when they are ready and are they good and ready convention time? >>guest: well, it is, i think, the race will be decided probably in the next 30 days as we move from proportional race where you get something by
4:19 pm
showing up to winner take all and it doesn't matter if you are second or third and you don't get delegates unless you win. this is going to be over sooner rather than later and you would thing for the good of the party you would do what governor bush suggests get behind the nominee who will have the best chance of winning, who has the most delegates, would has the most momentum in new hampshire and florida and ohio and arizona, and that is romney. >>neil: this is not political but personal whether it has to do with the bush family and their resentment to newt gingrich in his leadership days and how he balanced the president on the famous attacks about faith and did not support that. and there is just a lot of bad blood and it is on both sides and doze back, both ways and can you every solve that. >>guest: well, this is not about bad blood but simple math. there is no path to the
4:20 pm
nomination. this is what newt gingrich said the other day. if there is in pathway on getting the nomination why stay in the race and have a scorched earth policy that if it is not you it will the be you, either. >>neil: if you hate them enough. >>guest: then the party will reject you and you will not have a place in the plat follow or the convention and you will hurt your own image. >>neil: well put well put. well put. g.o.p. strategist extraordinaire. we reached out to republican candidates and tonight at 6:00 p.m. ron paul will join me. and it continues out it is not just democrats upset with paul ryan's budget land but not for the reasons you thing. and $15 million, ten jobs. and this hour receiving the president's raise. the congressman is urging him to see the light and maybe do some
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>>neil: this is the president speaking in boulder city, nevada, kicking off the energy tour. but not without controversy. this plant received $50 million in tax credits and employs ten people full time. and republican congressman issa does not like the final figures. the president saying if the remarks it is time to continue doubling down on solar which is propsing, and less, so, oil. what do you think? >>guest: the president wants it have it both ways. he comes for us in the state of the union and takes credit for cracking something that was researched and finished before he finished high school. and, in fact, and he comes in
4:25 pm
and wants to take credit for failed programs. yesterday we had secretary chu before the committee and we had to push for him to de-fund $1.4 billion program that failed to meet the stimulus deadline because they used solyndra for solar assets that were no longer available. and program after program we showed were not innovative and did not meet the laws passed by an all d house and senate and the secretary gave himself an "a," on the handling of the program. and we asked him about gasoline prices that went from $1.80 to $3.80 and he gave himself an "a." >>neil: and i had a democratic congressman and the white house obviously is supporting this effort to hold in speculation. because they are the reason they have risen. what do you think?
4:26 pm
>>guest: everything the president has done is on everything other than oil. all he has done in oil is what has been doing on private lands. so, he doesn't have the credibility to say he has done everything he can and the prices have risen but he has done everything he could to show america would not make the investments in oil self sufficiency. >>neil: but i get a sense, congressman, he just don't like the oil industry and this speech we monitoring he is ripping them a new one, and there are tax subsidies, benefits, whatever, and that could be fair game they are making money hand over fist but he is rapping them a through one saying they are growedy -- greedy i am beginning to think he has favorites in the energy
4:27 pm
race. >>guest: no question. cap and trade he tried to push through which would have added a great deal of money, probably over a dollar a gallon to the cost today. worst is added costs to natural gas. and it would add huge costs to home heating and electricity from coal, and 51 51 percent ofr electricity comes from coal. this president hates carbon. al gore hates carbon the i am sure many agree that global warming is caused by co2 but the fact is he has to live with what he views as his policy. his poll is anticarbon and pro renewable and that is fine but the american public gets its energy and will for the future mostly from fossil fuels and he is not doing anything to make sure we have an average people supply to keep the rice down. we had check chu who admitted that. >>neil: do you think chu
4:28 pm
should go, by the way? do you thing he should go? >>guest: i think the secretary chu needs an administrator to make the trains run on time and make sure the programs are honestly administered. he is a brilliant scientist probably the smartest man ever to be secretary of energy, but --. >>neil: but that proves you don't need to be an einstein to run a cabinet agency. >>guest: the administration is doing a bad job of administering despite this is a brilliant scientist. i like him personally, but the job that has been done by chu is not an "a," by any standard. >>neil: congressman, thank you. the government says there is no inflation. you see it. [ female announcer ] women have made it the number one selling anti-aging cream undeniably. it creamed unbelievably a $500 cream. and now women have made regenerist microsculpting cream
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>>neil: general mels saying the inflation is worse than 30 years since mary lou was on "breakfast of champions," and why is it still called inflation issue pain, we have money wanter who says it is anything but, what do you see going on, larry? >>guest: well, anyone who has been to the grocery store knows
4:33 pm
inflation is a real and growing problem in this country and they know that there is a disconnect from what they hear from washington from what they see in their real likes. it is a real problem and as you mention we hear a corporate bellweather like general mills, the maker of cheerios and progressive soup, all the items that fill our subboard and -- fill our cupboard that will be the worst inflation. >>neil: why are they lying? if you are keeping interest rates artificially low to keep this recovery, if you call it that, going, you certainly do not want to report or even condone any news that would indicate the inflation you say is not a problem, is actually a problem. >>guest: that is right. it is a political issue. in question. if we recognize it is inflation problem it puts pressure on the
4:34 pm
fell reserve to revisit the policies which are designed to supplement and subjects disease interest rate dozen keep the housing market going but it is killing the consume on main street. what we saw in the 1970's the dark difficulties of the carter administration. we saw gerald ford whipping out the nation. we are headed in that direction if we do not address the real root of the problem. >>neil: which is? >>guest: the power of the dollar. that is the source of the issue. >>neil: the dollar has been tanking, and that is the big issue with gas because gas and oil is priced in dollars and when the hard is cheap, it costs more dollars to buy it. but that is a beg issue we do not address. that is why i have to apologize if i was overly rude, but the problem is not speculators, but it is a free market, though, but the real problem pause speculators have been around
4:35 pm
forever, these guys have been chasing prices for stocks and everything for bonds and commodities, and oil and speak and you name it, forever, up and down, what is -- the more current constant and worrisome variable is washington's lack of resolve when it comes to dealing with the budget. we have not had one if three years. and controlling the spending. it is controllable. it has cheapened the dollar. that makes a mockery of the process. and dollars are getting more expensive so they are pointing fingers at any source but themselves. >> it comes down to the debt with $15 trillion debt, it will weigh on the dollar. you fix the debt, you fix the dollar, you improve the inflationary issue and you help main street with food prices. that simple. no one wants to recognize the reality of what we are dealing with. >>neil: a lot of you have been
4:36 pm
e-mailing this conversation i had earlier with the democratic congressman, sorry to strike you as ride but this is bake and simple issue for a business nerd and it is not republican or democratic issue, it is based on our dollar. based on the value of our collapsing countricy. and when that happens, everything here, there every where, that is priced in dollars, becomes pricer. i am nor for condoning speculators or blaming them, either. i am saying they are part of the system called capitalism that we used to embrace but we don't anymore. because those in congress have deflected to the point they are blaming them when the fault, really, lies with themselves. with their inability to get a handle on spending that, as a result, has made our system a joke. our dollar a joke. them, a joke. so they prefer to point figurers at nefarious causes that are not
4:37 pm
this and boogie men that are not there so i am sorry if i seem leak a nerd on a campaign but this stuff i know, folks and what they are telling you is bull. opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in needit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. here's a chance to create jobs in america. oil sands projects, like kearl, and the keystone pipeline will provide secure and reliable energy to the united states. over the coming years, projects like these could create more than half a million jobs in the us alone.
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>>neil: in 1997 boxer mike tyson bikes off of his opponents ear and now he is returning to the stage debuting as one man show next month reportedly to talk anything from his famous knock outs to muhammad ali's battle with parkinson's disease a fight mere and dear do my next guest's heart. muhammad ali's lovely daughter is fighting the good fight, and as someone who has m.s. you are
4:41 pm
wearing the m.s. colors. >>guest: awareness. >>neil: thank you. how is your dad doing? >>guest: daddy is great. he is ploy rock. i spoke to him today and i am happy when i talk to him. >>neil: how is the speech? >>guest: difficult some days. some days he can ramble like the 1990's but some days it is barely a whisper but when i see him face-to-face it is better because the eye contact i know what he is saying and we talked i can read him and i know what he say without him having to say it. >>neil: what do you think of mike tyson, i remember him, he always so admired your dad, he was --. >>guest: big mentor for him. >>neil: but could not hold a candle to your dad. and he could talk about your dad's battle with parkinson's
4:42 pm
disease. what do you thing 1/2? >>guest: a great tribute to my father. a lot of boxers pay tribute to my dad not only as a boxer but as a person. so tyson respects my dad not ring and, also, as a man. and what he stood for. >>neil: you stand for, trying to eradicate parkinson's disease but you have extended it with mulls -- multiple sclerosis. and if you do not know, i have that disease. if i am in a bad mood it is the disease. it is my disease. i get out of a lot using that excuse. there is a higher diagnosis going on of all of these diseases, and is that because more are aflicked or we have better diagnosis? >>guest: the second. a lot of doctors have
4:43 pm
misdiagnosed these deeds -- diseases for years. and my dad was misdiagnosed. a lot of people speculated, and, really, he had to be diagnosed with a doctor from new york, here, to finally get the right medication but a lot people and this was in the 80's we had no resources or information be so, it would make sense a lot of doctors in the 19 80's depth d -- didn't think a 42-year-old man could get parkinson's disease but it is a huge disaster they do not diagnosis patients. >>neil: another area you trying to address, therapy for parkinson's disease or m.s., they are not cheap. and whether it's the new health care law, or the insurance company, no matter the option you choose, you will not get off
4:44 pm
cheap. so, when the statistics come out that better off parkinson's disease parents those with money do better with the disease, as do m.s. parties than those who do not have money, you trying to address that but it is stark. >>guest: it is stark. when you have a neuro disorder such as parkinson's disease and als and m.s., when you exercise it is good for everyone. but particularly people in this area across the board, it is shown that exercise is so important. and, that is the part that sometimes physical therapy is expensive. doing it regularly, a trainer, someone who specializes in the movement disorder d. >>neil: we can all get out and walk. >>guest: you can walk. and walk to the gym.
4:45 pm
>>imus: do you get paranoid, i know i look at my kids and i see a tremor or shake and i hope not, i hope not, i hope not. >>guest: i will be honest --. there is a gene component with als and parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, so, yes, i do get scared. but one thing you can think of, when you look at the number of people parkinson's disease if particular there are six million people in the world and that number is growing expected with people who are younger, and ten percent is not that great but it is still there and you can have a genetic composition to get parkinson's disease and never really get it. environmental plays a large role. being an advisory board member has taught me a lot about how
4:46 pm
biomarkers work. you can beat me in the wring on information of m.s. --. >>neil: i learn a lot more from you. >>guest: i am learning so much but they are in the same family and they all need help. >>neil: you are doing a lot of great stuff. and great advocate for your dad. >>guest: you spoke with mrs. romney the other day. incredible and she talked about her battle. >>neil: the issue for her is fatigue. and color dad. >>guest: and i spoke with michelle obama. >>neil: well, well, aren't we the name droppers. >>guest: and her father had multiple sclerosis. who cares about politics? we just want hope in this world. hope. >>neil: don't pick on politics, the diseases just public on your body. i tell you, you have done remarkable work. your dad will alwayses always,
4:47 pm
always, be an icon but i think he did something remarkable having you. s thank you. >>neil: thank you very much. >>guest: thanks for what you do. >>neil: if only i had done you first in the show, we should have done that, i feel calmer. you first and then the show -- i would not have been so agitated. if the president is not planning a health care law birthday bash what does that tell you? senator johnson knows something. with a bargain brand cooking spray. i told you like a gajillion times to use new and improved pam. it's 70% better than that bargain stuff. see? look i gotta go. pam helps you like pull it off. cannot be contained. [ clang ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs.
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>>neil: this just in an exclusive only to your world the white house bicker, confirming this is no, no, no plan for
4:51 pm
health care law birthday cake. i made that you. but, but, but, the president's prize legislation towns -- turns two on friday. what should i wear? what should i wear? but in party in the works. and our guest republican senator johnson, it has been two years, but, they are low keying it. >>guest: well, they realize it is not working and all the broken promises that is the hallmark of obamacare so they are not touting it and it is unpopular. i don't blame them. >>neil: so you thing they don't mention it or they mention the fact that people who were not getting insurance are getting insurance, why don't you push or the president push the positives among low income groups which resonates? you do not thing they are borrowing? >>guest: they trying to but my
4:52 pm
mission is to paint an accurate picture of what our health care system, our freedoms and our federal budget will look like if this health care law is so implemented and it will not be pretty. i have been concentrating on the deficit risk because of the underestimation of the true cost of the health care law. we cannot afford it. >>neil: what do you believe the heat that paul ryan is taking on his changes to medicare when he correctly pointed out that his are tame compared to the president's own health care law and what it will do with medicare. >>guest: the president's health care law pays for, supposedly, pays for half of the first ten year costs or the first six year costs because they took 10 years of revenue to pay for six years of cost and they take $590 billion out of the medicare program and one thing i have pointed out, if you notice, we have not imposed the
4:53 pm
$208 billion of supposed medicare cuts to providers that is required under the sustainable growth rate formula and we have not enacted that because congress understands if they do that, access to care is beginning to be hampered. quality of care will go down. and, i am skeptical those $529 billion of cuts would occur in medicare but if they did, understand what that would do to the quality of care to the access of care. because medicaid frequently doesn't even cover the cost to providers, in some states, some districts, less than 60 percent of providers actually accept medicaid patients. what will happen if the cuts go through? you will reduce the number of doctors that will see medicare parents and, by the way, 25 million uninsured americans will be put on medicaid how do the circuit percent of provider whose accept the patients, how do they handle that demand for the products?
4:54 pm
>>neil: whether you like the ryan land or not at least there is a discussion to move the ball forward. thank you very much, senator, good to see you. if you had it, you got it, and you got it before anyone else you learn that romney won. fox business scores again. with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006.
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wow. this is new. yep, i'm sending the dancing chicken to every store in the franchise to get the word out. that could work. or you could use every door direct mail from the postal service. it'll help you and all your franchisees
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find the customers that matter most -- the ones in the neighborhood. you print it or we'll help you find a local partner. . honey? that's my wife. wow. there you go. there you go. [ male announcer ] go online to reach every home, every address, every time with every door direct mail. >> neil: well, you know, you knew who held the rate for mitt romney's purse. that's just the start. >> the illinois primary. here is neil cavuto. >> they call it the voice of god. when i come home, here now is neil nei cavuto. my wife says the garbage has to go out. >> any of them should --
4:58 pm
[ inaudible ] talk to somebody else. get it done with. >> neil: it's crazy. people are so disgusted in this state, they can hardly stand it. put chicago and illinois in perspective, we thought it would be a good idea to get folks from chicago even though they don't sound like it. the longer they talk, you might pick up on it. >> the community wants somebody who is friendly to business. when i hear that they want to build a pipeline that is going to create thousands of jobs and ensure lower cost energy, in this country for decades. and that is being vetoed by the president, i don't think he fully understands. >> it's just the epitome of i care more about my re-election, an getting my funding for my supporters than i care about the american people's price at the pump. >> together, we're going to ensure that america's greatest
4:59 pm
days are still ahead. thanks, guys. [ applause ] >> somebody who is going to pull up government by the roots and throw it out and do something to liberate the private sector in america. >> if you buy just the polls and where mitt romney is lea leading, securing a victory along the way in a winner take all state, early june is when he locks it up. that is a best case scenario. newt gingrich, rick santorum and ron paul might beg to differ. that will do it. >> neil: but that doesn't do it, because we're back at it again and again. if you missed it, we'll be back an hour from now on fbn with presidential candidate ron paul. he is no fan of paul ryan's budget plan. but i think you might find his reasons surprising. if you don't get fox business -- >> the answer is to demand it. >> it's something ron paul would do. passionate. it's something, i'd request something. fox.


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